Ben and Jerry Ice-cream Company


  1. Which external trends do you think help us to understand why Ben and Jerry’s has grown so rapidly?

Ben and Jerry have experienced rapid growth in their business based on various external factors. Some of the external factors that will assist in understanding the reasons for their rapid growth include; political, economic, social, Legal, technological, and environmental.



Growing tendency towards societal involvement which Jerry and Ben tap into; in their promotion Jerry are Ben are seen to openly make connections “hot topics” of politics or actions like the creation of a new name of the flavour. “Yes Pecan” on the election of Obama and developing the largest global Baked Alaska on Capitol Hill.


Growing tendency of globalization and the supremacy of the global brands: through the Unilever acquisition, both Ben and Jerry became an international brand.


Ben and Jerry ice cream Company gave out 7.5percent of their profits to the community projects. Additionally, Ben and Jerry visit twenty-eight Universities in U.K to give ice cream to the learners who give blood. This is an important way of letting people know about the existence of the Company.


Technology has enabled Ben and Jerry to effectively pack their ice cream products and sell to people from different regions. Additionally, it is through the existence of effective technology that Ben and Jerry market their products to people. Technology is also considered as an imperative external factor that led to the rapid growth of Ben and Jerry Ice cream Company since it facilitates effective and faster production of the ice cream.


Ben and Jerry Ice Cream Company is developed and performs based on the set laws of the United States. The Company ensures the safety of the people customers and also pay taxes to the government.


Every organization in the world intends to maintain environmental sustainability even during their production periods. Ben and Jerry have ensured that the impacts of their production are minimal to the environment. By this, Ben and Jerry have developed an appropriate system through which they control the release of carbon dioxide from the Company to the air.

  1. What are the factors do you think may have been important?

Economic, and technological factors are thought to have been significant for Ben and Jerry. It is through the economic factor that Ben and Jerry were able to acquire the capital that they needed to make the Company perform. Technological factors are also important since they help Ben and Jerry to market their products in an appropriate way that suits the customers. Additionally, the technological factors promote the faster performance of the employees in the Company since various equipment will be applied.

  1. Greiner talks of periods of evolution and revolution. How helpful is his model in understanding both the growth and the challenges the company has faced?

Greiners’ model is important for the understanding of the growth of the Company and the challenges that the Company faces since it describes all the stages that the Companies go through as they head towards success. All the stages or phases of evolution that the Companies follow contain various principles that must be implemented. However, there exists solutions to the principles applied at every phase by the Companies. In other words, the model is significant in understanding the Company since it monitors the time from which the Company is formed to the time which the Company becomes fully functional. During the time of observation, the model presents all the challenges and improvements that the Company experiences. Lastly, the model is important since it defines the various management strategies applied in every Company.

  1. What resources do you think may have been key to Benn and Jerry’s growth?

Benn and Jerry consider numerous resources that help in facilitating their growth. Some of these resources include; Finance, the satisfaction of the customers, production of quality products, and marketing goals. Finance is important for every organization that intends to perform effectively in the competitive business world. Ben and Jerry need funds to carry out their daily production activities which will in turn promote their growth. Satisfaction of the customers is also a key issue that is considered by Ben and Jerry since it promotes their growth. Production of quality goods and services is also an important resource for Ben and Jerry, once the products are of good quality, more customers will be attracted hence leading to an increase in growth. Lastly, marketing goals must be fulfilled by Benn and Jerry to enable them to reach new markets across the world.


  1. What resources do you think made Ben and Jerry’s an attractive acquisition for Unilever?

Ben and Jerry possess various resources that made them an attractive acquisition for Unilever. Some of these include talent, and their mission statement. Ben and Jerry are presented as talented business people who were interested in showing their talent through the company creation. Their talent has also been revealed based in the styles of production. Another important resource is the three-part mission developed by Ben and Jerry to assist the people who linked to their business, clients, community, farmers, employees, and suppliers.

  1. Conversely, what resources did Unilever have that made it attractive for Ben and Jerry’s to sell?

Various resources of Unilever attracted Ben and Jerry to sell to them. One major resource is the objectives of the Unilever. Unilever intended to develop products that do not create environmental pollution. Additionally, Unilever is concerned about the well-being of the people and hence intends to maintain healthy lives of the customers. Another resource of Unilever that made Ben and Jerry to sell to Unilever is the effective management skills that the organization is associated with.


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