Critique of Kuhar Roman and Zobec Ales's “The Anti-Gender Movement in Europe and the Educational Process in Public Schools”

The Authors argue that teaching pupils about gender equality and homosexuality does not go against human rights nor does it bar students dealing with matters concerning philosophical and religious concerns. They argue that pupils can be faced with facts that differ from their beliefs and they recommended that teachers should not avoid such topics but respect the diversity of the discussions revolving around the diversity of beliefs of the pupils (Kuhar and Zobec 43). The authors also point out that diversity of democracy in Europe should be respected in order to have moral distress that allows one to identify with his beliefs in relations to other peoples’ beliefs.

Although the pupils are taught issues regarding marriage equality and reproductive rights, there have been arguments that education can be a threat to the traditional family because it is perceived to be a Cultural Revolution idea. Due to the traditional ways of rearing children, the “gender theory” that teaches pupils these issues have been on the spotlight for allegedly alienating pupils from what is traditionally known as the norm of the society on issues regarding gender and marriage (29). There have been movements that have been against marriage equality based on the fact that the theory aims at introducing issues such as legalization of abortion, sex education, as well as transgender rights that seem to be controversial.

However, while these protests can be termed as relevant, the fact of the matter is that the education to pupils can help them develop sexual knowledge that aims at dealing with sexual injustices in the society. For example, while the society expects that women should have children immediately they are married, some health conditions can inhibit them from doing so and which poses a great danger to their lives if they decide to conceive even in the health risk facing them. If pupils are not educated about such issues, then it means that the will continue experiencing sexual injustices even in the current century.

The homosexual issue has been a controversial one and which was not allowed in by many people in the society (31). Educating pupils about the rights and consequences of it is indispensable in regards to allowing pupils making a decision based on the wide knowledge of the issue. Letting pupils make decisions without the knowledge of what is facing them can detrimental. The gender theory has also been faced with criticism by a section of opponents especially in regards to the fact that parents should be the ones involved in teaching their children the best ways of approaching gender and sex issues affecting them.


With such deliberations, it is evident that pupil education in matters pertaining to gender and sexual education plays an indispensable role in enlightening the pupil on issues that affect them and their lives. Failure to do so can lead to a situation where the pupils will never have the idea of the consequences facing them when they make gender decisions when they grow up. However, the concern by the protesters can equally be argued to be valid because some gender issues are well spelled out by the traditions and religious practices of every individual as long as no human right is abused.


Works cited:

Kuhar, Roman and Zobec, Ales. "The Anti-Gender Movement in Europe and the Educational      Process in Public Schools". C. E. P. S Journal, 7. 2: 29-46.




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