Influence of the Medieval Synthesis on the West


Influence of the Medieval Synthesis on the West

The Medieval Synthesis was a period during the 13th century when the church attempted to take over the control of the world by reorganizing it to take the image of God. There were concerted efforts through the church led by Pope Innocent III to make harmony and synthesis by working together having the papacy work together with the empire. In other words, it was a call for faith and reason to work together in achieving the same truth. This harmony and synthesis always birthed futility; however, faith and reason sometimes produced the same truth but not always. Christianity was meant to bring order to the world as such, the institutions of the church were strengthened. Life was governed by the Christian teachings those who opposed this were sent apart.

All the people in the universe were so diverse with different ideas and interests that made the search for the order a futile attempt. However, synthesis was achieved in the arts. Artists such as authors, poets, musicians and painters found a way of harmoniously melding heaven, earth and hell together in their artistry in what appeared like preparation for the next secular world. Under pressure to attain the elusive harmony, the political leaders resorted to representative institutions to harnesses their quest for greater control and order after the failed political control.  Representative institution succeeded in France and England leading to the birth of parliaments, but it failed in Germany and Italy until the Mongol invasion.

In summary, the search for harmony in the 13th century was thwarted by several factors, including the great famine and the Mongol invasion. King Louis of France an ideal kingship that attained mutual respect between the church and state. With the irreconcilable disintegration of this newfound relationship coupled with a severe period of famine, anxiety and disorder escalated marking the end of an era. 





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