Symbolic Frame

The Symbolic Frame is recommended to address employees’ needs for a sense of purpose of their duties. The main aim of the frame is to inspire employees by a way of making the organization’s direction distinctive (Bolman 115). Therefore, it is indispensable to create a motivation mission as well as the creation of a platform on which superb performance is celebrated. In situations when a leader learns that the greatest problem affecting the company’s performance is lack of motivation, he or she is supposed to stress Symbolic frame.

Target’s Mission statement “purpose” could be argued to well articulate customers’ needs. However, it can be deeper analyzed to mean that the company through its employees has to stay focused for the purpose of meeting the needs of the customers. Nevertheless, meeting those needs require committed and motivated employees (115). In this regard, with the use of “purpose” mission statement, employees’ welfare is looked at comprehensively. Target respects and values the personality of all team members. During the first quarter when the work is not much, the team members are given an opportunity to have fun as they enjoy working on their own with little supervision. This is an ideal approach that makes employees feel that they are valued by the company.

However, it is critical for the company to come up with strategies that make employees feel valued and enjoyed even when they have much work to do even without being supervised. Giving them an opportunity to work on their own pace when there is no much work can make them feel that they are only being fooled when work is less. Therefore, it is critical for the company to make the employees understand that they can still produce top results even without being supervised because the company has trust in them. Free interaction with team members gives room for the members to openly come up with innovative ideas they can use to improve quality of services offered by the company as they develop their own skills and competence (116). In addition, this is also an important platform on which team members can develop problem-solving skills.

Conversely, allowing employees to work in groups is a critical strategy because it improves emotional exchanges among employees as their unity is improved. Although the company sets long-term service rewards that are aimed at motivating employees, it is critical to formulating a comprehensive performance appraisal. This will encourage poor performing employees to continue working hard to improve their performance (117). When employees are rated depending on their performance, they tend to devise their own ways of ensuring that they perfect their skills. Rewarding only cannot help the underperforming employees to improve. It only encourages the performing ones while the underperforming ones are left out. In this regard, the company has the responsibility of not only recognizing the perming employees but also identifies and encourages them.

Another issue that the company has to check to motivate the employees is revising the issue requiring all employees to report to the leader on duty. A good strategy is for the company to come up with a strategy of ensuring that all employees understand the time they are required to report on duty and the assignment expected to be executed the following day. In fact, effective companies have a work schedule spanning for the whole month. This way, the employees feel they are not treated like people that are not trusted to do their work on their own without being supervised.


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