The Universal’s Horror Nights in Los Angeles

The events at the universal’s horror nights in Los Angeles detail that the darkest fears and which is considered as the scariest event in the world.  The movie studio brings images and scenes of the all-new immersive worlds of living from the most twisted imaginations in the television as well as the film. However, although there are stories and nightmares that are told and discussed by people in regards to imaginations and horror tales, the universal’s horror nights entails experiencing these tales and their applicability in today’s life. When stories are told about horror and nightmares, people think about the unthinkable and unimaginable things that only happen to other people in a different world. Nevertheless, after visiting the universal’s horror nights, these tales and stories turn to be a reality in life depending on the kind of movie and events taking place on the scene.

When I first decided to visit the scene, I was so terrified that I decided to be accompanied by my older brother. He used to tell me about the events that go on in the place and that it would be an adventurous event to witness the horror by ourselves. One night, my brother decided to book two tickets, one for him and another for mine. Out of the stories that I have heard before, I was already scared about what we would experience at the place given that I had the entire bad picture from the tales told about the place. The first image was that the horror movies are made by imaginary people that possessed imaginary spirits that are out of imagination. However, I was surprised to learn that people were already accustomed to the movies and that all that I had heard about the place was just a created story out of the movies shown in the place.

What was amazing was the fact that, people who entered the scene were already dressed in a manner to suggest that they were also part of the horror movie. The welcoming person at the gate wore a mask that was so scaring that even a new visitor would have been scared to enter the place for the first time without a guidance of someone that clearly understands the place and the events that go on inside. From the tales that are told about the place, the night for the show is full of horrifying creatures that roam about for free but there are rules that are devised with the intent of protecting visitors from the evil in the place. Fortunately or unfortunately, when we went in, the first movie we watched was about the New Founding Fathers of America (NFFA) where it is believed that they inaugurated purge, an Island where all crimes were legal but they tried to survive by a way of the government congratulating them for participating in the NFFA’s experiment.

In the movie, there were horrifying incidences that detailed how people were possessed by ghostly voices that were depicted by dead signals on the television set. This was a horrifying moment and the whole place was full of emotions as the ghosts roamed about the whole village affecting people that had their relatives dead out of the incidences of crimes committed. The scene was clearly set so that the affected persons would vanish between what was considered as the spectral planet and the realm of the dead.

Interview with a friend

My friend has ever had gone to the horror movie scene several times because of what he termed as good experience with the events taking place at the scene. Before I first visited the place, I had a short interview with him about the experience he had and what motivated him to visit the place more often. My first question to him was, “what do you like about the universal’s horror nights in Los Angeles?” He said, “my friend, you do not know what you miss in life!” Have you ever witnessed what our forefathers had to go through so that we can be who we are today?” I replied, “I have heard about the stories but I do not know what they went through”. The friend said, “then you have to accompany me to the night and you will know what I am talking about. “ “I naively told him, do you mean that you believe in those tales in this Century?” he said that I should answer that question myself after we visit the place.

I decided that instead of being told about the tales and what terror is all about, I should accompany him together with my brother. Even before we arrived at the place, I had a full picture of what I should expect to find in the place. My friend advised that I should first acknowledge that the movies that I will watch were just imaginations that were designed to represent the whole picture about the tales told about our forefathers. Even though I was curious and nervous about the whole situation, I was prepared for any scene that I was to face at that time. The first and most scaring movies involved a family that experienced nightmares involving their daughter. It was a story involving dreams that appeared to John’s daughter about what was to become true in their lives.

Although Carol was the last born aged 15 years old, she could complain of having dreams of ghostly voices that came from their television and which kept on saying that his father would one time be the president of the United States. Even after her father insisted that she was obsessed with some demonic spirits, she kept on insisting that what she experienced was a reality and that she was not under the influence of anything. Surprisingly, the voice that Carol used to hear belonged to her grandfather who passed away when she was 8 years old.  Her father came to realized that she could have been right when she rehearsed a common phrase that his father used to say about him and his future leadership traits.


Although the fears told about horror and deadly power of ancestors seems to be just a tale for millennial, the universal’s horror nights in Los Angeles gives a real-life encounter with the tale that makes it appear real. The horror night brings out what can be termed as the true picture of American history and what the future holds for it. The beliefs and culture of the people can be argued to be clearly portrayed at the horror night which ascertains the history dictates the current and future events.


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