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Graduate schools are defined as the learning institutions that offer advanced academic degrees to the learners based on their academic performance such as the Universities and colleges. Education has been an imperative factor that every person is expected to acquire in order to get fit in the current society. The study is developed to present an analysis on the graduate school visual with the application of the Toulmin Model. Students are given the opportunity to attend graduate schools based on their previous learning institutions qualifications.  The current job market only demands for people who have adequate knowledge of certain sectors. This, therefore, shows a connection between the current job market and grad school skills.

Based on the presented visual, it can be stated that the education in a graduate school applies numerous factors of the physical world. In other words, graduate school education values the physical world skills whereby, it uses daily life experiences to drive knowledge into the students. Most students who attain graduate school education develop better and effective ways through which they relate to their work environment (Staub et al 43). A comparison done between people who go to a graduate school and those who do not go to a graduate school, it is revealed that, people who go to a graduate school perform better in the business world as compared to the individuals who do not go to a graduate school. For example, the visual indicated below shows four people. One person has raised his hands while the other three are silent. This shows that; the person with a raised hand has better opportunities to be employed as compared to the others. This is because he has attained a graduate school education.

Visual on significance of graduate school to learners

Graduate school enables people to be noticed in the current job market


The presented visual also indicates that, through graduate school education, the students will gain more than qualifications. It is claimed by many scholars that graduate school education promotes the implementation of experiments, during the learning process. Experiments are important strategies through which the learners get to connect their skills to the desired role or work. In other words, it can be recorded that the current world is competitive in terms of employment. The qualified individuals stand a chance of gaining employment chances as compared to the unqualified people. Thus the students who gain graduate school education have better chances of gaining employment opportunities as compared to the others who did not attend graduate schools (Staub et al 41).

The current world is faced with numerous problems that can only b solved by the knowledge acquired through graduate school education. For instance, insecurity and economic decrease require competent people with adequate knowledge to solve. Thus graduate school should be attended by students as indicated in the Toulmin model. Similar to the presented visual, students who attend graduate schools develop better reasoning skills based on the current issue or situation. In relation to the Rogerian arguments, graduate schools offer quality and standardized education system which fits all students who qualify for further studies. For example, every student is considered equal at the time they arrive at the school and have equal chances of gaining more skills and knowledge.

In the visual, it is through the existence of the experiments in various graduate schools that the students will be able to make various corrections in case of mistakes in their studies. This will shape them to be better performers in the future. In most cases, students who do not go through a graduate school identify every mistake that might prevent them from achieving their goals and solve them, while the students who do not go through graduate school, find it difficult to identify any kind of educational mistakes (Staub et al 40). This, therefore, performance is affected negatively. The visual picture shows a celebration of a student who achieves a graduate school education while the others did not achieve the graduate school education.

 Concerning the presented Toulmin model, it can be stated that, when one achieves graduate school education, he or she has a higher opportunity to learn more especially other things done better by other learners. This is because the school is composed of different students from different regions or nations. The presented model also allows states that; graduate school is important to the students since it allows them to contribute to the knowledge of the world. This is because learners, who go through graduate school, develop certain skills and features which they will use in specific fields in the world. For example, one who studied medicine in graduate school will help in health-related issues. Thus the achievement of the knowledge by the students who go through graduate school education shows their investment for the future.

It can also be stated that it is effective for students to attend graduate school since it will offer them academic recognition. During their time in graduate school, students will conduct various researches based on their area of interest.  The researchers are meant to boost the knowledge of the students in given areas. In most cases, the researchers are expected to provide positive outcomes which will be used to solve certain issues related to the course. The students who participated and promoted effective results in the research will, therefore, be recognized for their academic excellence. The students will be rewarded for their effort in the research which promotes academic recognition (Staub et al 38). The recognition will be observed internationally since the students will participate together with other learners who come from different nations. Students are also expected to attend graduate schools since it promotes their awareness on other fields which they do not pursue. For example, as indicated in the visual, not all the students pursue a similar course. However, all the students will learn the basics of different courses which later provide them with the knowledge to assist in search areas.


Conclusively, students should attend graduate schools because of the various benefits that are associated with the graduate school education. The Toulmin model indicates that through graduate school education, the student will acquire knowledge which they can use in the future development of the world. Additionally, through the graduate school education, the students will connect with other learners from different areas which will, in turn, promote their international academic recognition. The international recognition is created when success is created through researchers between many students. Lastly, graduate school education gives the students an experience of the real world and provides them with appropriate strategies for solving world issues.


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